2023 Individual Award Winners

It’s time to nominate your deserving staff and co-workers for the 2024 MPA Individual awards. Please email all nominations to by July 5, 2024. Digital entries only, please. The 2024 winners will be announced at the MPA Fall Conference on Oct. 19 in Bar Harbor. Here are the categories:

  • Unsung Hero Award: For any staff member, in any department, whose contributions to his or her newspaper/organization have been essential but often overlooked. Nominations may include examples of the nominee’s work and letters from supervisors and/or co-workers detailing his or her contributions.
  • Advertising Person of the Year: For an advertising employee whose work has been truly distinguished over the course of a year or years. Candidates may have established unique marketing plans or stood out through other measures, such as sales record. Work samples may be included with a nomination letter.
  • Bob Drake Young Writer’s Award: For a full-time employee of a Maine Press Association member with fewer than three years of full-time experience in journalism as of July 5, 2024. A letter from the staffer’s supervisor must contain a review of the nominee’s experience and accomplishments. School or college newspaper experience does not count as full-time experience. Entries will be evaluated on writing quality, enterprise, imagination, thoroughness, balance, and general reporting. As many as six articles may be submitted. 
  • Journalist of the Year: For an exceptional news employee whose work has been truly distinguished over the previous year or a period of years. A reasonable number of news clips, photographs, or other samples of work must be included with a cover letter from the nominee’s editor or publisher. The nominee must be an employee of a member organization.

Note: If the number of entries is insufficient for any individual award, that award may not be given. In that case, any nominations will be held over for the following year.

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