Fall Conference program features editorial, advertising and photography sessions

A full day of events is planned for the MPA’s Fall Conference on Oct. 18, including editorial round-table discussions, a photo & video Help Desk, and advertising sessions focused on keeping it fresh and what’s hot in digital. Full session descriptions are below:

Keeping it Fresh Roundtable (editorial)
How many times can you cover the same meeting, annual event, or similar events, without boring yourself and your readers to tears? Do you cover the 4th of July fireworks with just a photo or do you ask some folks what they think is so special about the occasion? Been to your 100th Baked Bean Supper? Who there will share the secret family recipe? Town council fighting over the budget again? Hard to make readers care when the reporter obviously doesn’t. This session will collect concerns and frustrations from participants and share ways others have found to keep the pages of our papers and websites fresh and interesting. Moderated by Earl Brechlin, Editor, Mount DesertIslander

Photo & Video Help Desk
The doctors are in! Have a nagging question about the best way to approach a visual assignment? Do wish you knew what all those buttons on your camera did? Do you need a better digital workflow? Wondering what’s the best way to get rid of ‘camera shake’ in your videos? Do you just want to talk shop and pick the brains of Maine’s best photojournalists? Now you can. Maine Press Associating Vice President Troy R. Bennett has assembled a crack team of the Pine Tree State’s best shooters. They’ll be on hand all morning to answer questions, brainstorm solutions and shoot the breeze. If they can’t guide you to an answer, nobody can.

Going Digital: Managing Change in a 21st Century Newsroom (editorial)
Editors and journalists: Do you sometimes find yourself saying, “there’s got to be a better way, I just don’t know what it is? Newsrooms, and the way news is produced, is changing at a rapid rate. It’s no longer enough to create excellent journalism on a deadline. Considerations must also be made for print, web, social media, mobile apps and multimedia tie-ins when assigning and crafting a story—sometimes simultaneously. How are you navigating this change? Who is responsible for what? How has this changed the production process and what resources have you found to help you? What HAS worked in your newsroom—or better yet—what HASN’t worked? Come and share your experiences and learn from others who are also grappling with these issues.

Keeping It Fresh (advertising)
Tired of that same old special section? Can’t bear the thought of gearing up to sell another county fair bannered page? Come to this session to hear and share ideas on how to freshen up your approach to selling advertising. Bringing new ideas to customers is the best way to position yourself as a marketing expert and someone who cares about the results you generate for your customer.

What’s Hot in Digital (advertising)
Mobile optimized websites, SEO, SEM, retargeting – what digital products are advertisers buying? What’s working and what’s next? Also tips for creating cross-channel packages and experiences for your customers.