Submit valid, permanent links (and any usernames/passwords needed) for video and other online categories except photo categories, graphic and illustration. Submit Page Design & Front Page Design as tear sheets.

All photo submissions must have been published in the newspaper or on the newspaper’s website. At www.mainepressassociation.org you will be directed to upload entries one at a time, filling in the information in the fields provided: contest category, title of the entry, name of the photographer or artist, newspaper name, and publication date.

When submitting multiple files for the same entry (Picture Story category):

  • Make sure all files have the same headline
  • Number them if you want the photos to be seen in a certain sequence.
  • Use the “add another file” option to submit multiple photos.
  • Make sure files are numbered with the same file name in the order they should be judged (example: myphoto-1.jpg, myphoto-2.jpg etc.).
  • Write multiple captions in the single space provided, labeling each one to correspond with the appropriate photo (example: myphoto-1.jpg – This is a photo caption telling what is going on in this photo).All digital files must be RGB and in the jpeg format. File names must not contain spaces and must end in the .jpg extension. Files should be no larger than 800×800 pixels in dimension.For photography/design entry questions, please email: mpacontest@mainetoday.com


News Photo
Photo from an event for which coverage could be planned: a parade, a fair, a town meeting, etc.

Spot News Photo
Photo for which no planning was possible: an accident, a fire, etc.

Scenic Photo
Photo of a landscape, seascape, buildings, clouds, flowers etc. – anything interesting or beautiful.

People Photo
Photo of people alone or in groups that demonstrates personality or human characteristics.

Picture Story
Multiple photos that develop a story line.

Feature Photo
Photo of unusual items, events or people that shows the photographer’s skill and imagination.

Sports Photo
Photo that portrays participation in games or other sports events.

Art element that accents a story or page, including hand-drawn or computer-generated art and photos.

Visual element, such as a chart, a map or a table, that is used to help tell a story.

For the categories below, submit the URL(s) for each entry in the space provided under “caption.” No file need be uploaded.

It is the responsibility of the submitting paper to provide any usernames and passwords needed for judges to access content. Include them with the URL address. Also, make sure you submit permanent URL addresses.

News Video

Judged on originality, storytelling and production quality – for sound and video.

Sports Video

Judged on originality, storytelling and production quality – for sound and video.

Features/Lifestyle Video

Judged on originality, storytelling and production quality – for sound and video.

Special Online Project or Section

Work showcasing innovative online journalism that does not fit neatly into another category. Shows great design, creativity, use of multimedia and interaction with readers. Entries can pair with work published in the print newspaper.
Best Digital Ad Campaign

(This replaces Best Online Advertisement): One or a series of digital ads that demonstrate creativity and

engagement. Engagement metrics or other results should be included with entry.

New! Best Integrated Campaign

A campaign or any combination of ads created for a newspaper or advertiser that spans multiple platforms

– print, online, email, video, social and more. Entry should focus on how the elements work together to drive results.

New! Best Mobile Campaign

Best use of making a big impact on a small screen with a mobile advertising campaign.

General Excellence—Digital * Separate judging for Weekly and Daily/Weekend

This is the MPA’s highest honor for member newspapers’ online efforts. Entries will be judged live over the course of three random days in July—August. This award takes into account the website’s overall design, ease of use, intuitive navigation and frequency of updates. Does the reader know what the most important news is and can they find what they are looking for? Winners will have excellent multimedia integration and engaging, web-only content not found in print. Weight will also be given to meaningful reader interaction and effectively synthesized advertising elements.

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